Saturday, April 5, 2008


I have a new friend. Memphis. She's hilarious. She came and hung out with me at open-mic the other night, marking the first truly enjoyable-open mic I've been to since I moved back up here in January. She indulges me when I go off about wanting to ride in gondolas and fly kites. She loves animals. Our dog Kona liked her from minute one. She told me yesterday that one of her strongest dislike is when people talk about their "Pet peves," if you don't get why that's funny I love you for being simple-minded. We make funny noises and hand gestures together, and it would be quite a game to count how many times we say hmmm in high pitched tones to each other in a day. She texts me random lyrics and expects me to send her the next line, sometimes I don't know them so I cheat and look it up. But yesterday she text me lyrics from The Beatles' Her Majesty, which inspired me to learn to play it. Random entertaining things always happen when we're hanging out, I.E. yesterday it sounded as though there was a monkey in our laundry room eeking every seven or eight minutes. Just when we would forget he was there he would make his odd noise as if to say, "hey I'm still in here!" Turns out it wasn't a monkey in the laundry room at all but a pheasant in the corn field behind our house. He was the same color as the dirt though so he kept disappearing and reappearing like the Weasley twins when they could finally apparate legally. I wonder where he learned to throw his voice. Anyway I like her, she's weird in the most thrilling and endearing ways.

Once On This Island

I saw a musical the other night called Once On This Island, at the high school I work at. I went with Smitty, She was basically the only saving grace of the night. It was a weird musical. I think I would have liked it more if all of the many Black characters were played by black people, but as we're in Utah, all of the black characters were played by middle class white kids, and they didn't even try to make them seem black, which kinda bothered me and bummed me out. I wonder if they were worried about offending any black people that may attend. If I was black I'd be offended that they tried to play it off like the characters are all white. Oh well, what can you do. It still would have been weird with black people. I think it should be made into an animated film and sold in a box set with furn gully and the little mermaid 2.


I'm sitting at my landlord Justin's computer, and I just opened up a game of solitaire, it's a new version, must be a vista thing, but every time you move a card it actually makes the sound of a card, it's not realistic at all, it's actually really cheesy sounding, but I really love it. I think I would like to listen to it at least once daily.