Thursday, January 24, 2008

Robert Frost Is The Man: Volume II

Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.
Robert Frost

Robert Frost Is The Man: Volume I

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.
Robert Frost

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Jeff Stone and I have a brain-child together which has taken the form of a film script. I don't want to give any details away about it because then you very well might steal it, as you are all filthy pirates. However I will tell you that we gave an informal pitch to a friend with the clout to make it happen, and it went well. If it snowballs and we in fact find ourselves in the process of making the film, legitimately, I will likely be starting a new blog, specifically to document that process. Thanks for reading,

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I ate Mason Jennings' Brother's Left-Over Taco

I've just settled down for a long winter's nap. This evening began with an impressive show. Cory Mon's DVD release show to be exact. Opening was a guy named Dave Eaton, who honestly just didn't do it for me. He was like a drunk white guy trying to sound like Jack Johnson but not really pulling it off so much, except he wasn't drunk, he just wasn't good. So instead of listening to his set I went back and talked with Michelle G, and Becca Russell, They're fun, and I was glad of their company. After DE was Code Hero, a band that I've been hearing about for like two years, but somehow had never seen live until tonight. I in fact live with the drummer. They rocked my proverbial socks off. It was seriously moving to hear them play. Nate, the lead singer, writes the most introspective and thoughtful lyrics. And the music matches well. After CH was Matt Jennings, brother of Mason, and allegedly son of shooter, grandson of Waylin, and great nephew/Godson of the late Peter Jennings. OK not really, but he really is Mason's brother. Matt's music is very Latin, and it's cool. I enjoyed his set, he and his stand up bass player, also named Matt, produce a great blend, I'm glad they came out to play. The show ended with Cory Mon and the Starlight Gospel. I've seen Cory play practically a million times, but I've never seen anything like what I saw last night. He was seriously unbelievable, and his band was so tight and on point. There were a few points in the show where I was almost moved to tears because of the quality of the music. It was so nice to go to a show and feel like I was actually gaining light from it. Afterwards there was a hot-chocolate/icecream party at our place, (mormons) and quite a few people came over, Scotty, Nate(of Code Hero) and myself discussed the Cohen brothers, specifically their newest film, No Country For Old Men, I enjoy hearing other people's opinions about films, and comparing/contrasting them with my own. Each of us got something completely different out of it. Then I went downstairs and philosophized with Jeff Stone, Katie Brandeburg, Matt Jennings, and others. We heard about a chance metting with ?estlove, of The Roots, we talked about Minesota, and we gave Matt hell for being in his brother's shadow. For the record, Matt is a great musician, and an awesome dude who couldn't eat his second taco from Beto's last night, leaving it for me to finish, mainly so I could have an awesome title for this blog. Being Mason's brother is just a part of his life, it has nothing to do with his work as such.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Milk Was a Good Choice.

I love the sensation of drinking milk when I have a mustache. It like drips through it and onto my lip, it's pretty awesome. I know it sounds gross, but it's totally not. I love it.

Movie Buff

OK I have a new film up on go watch it. It's called We Are Germany, and you can find it in the drama section of the website. Also if you want to laugh, go watch, Killing Seth, while you're at it.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oh My Darlin!

I just ate a Clementine and it was super delicious!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Orange You Glad I told You That Joke

My classroom smells like a fresh orange. I've got to have some fresh citrus.

That Is One Big Pile Of S**t

Things are pretty good here in Utah. I'm sitting in one of the classes I facilitate at the high school, it's intro to film, we're watching Jurassic Park. I forgot how freaking awesome this movie is. Jeff Goldbloom is the end all be all of cool.

Also, Over the weekend I and my constituancy participated in the LDS Film Festival's 24 hour film festival. We made a short WWII drama about two soldiers who just escaped from a P.O.W. camp, and the German family who helps them in their escape. I'm stoked to put it up on line, but we're having some problems with the colors whenever we export it. I don't anticipate it doing well in the festival because of this problem, otherwise I really think we would have won. When we get the glitch figured out I believe we'll be puting it up at, you should definitely check the site out anyway because it's cool. Most of the films on there right now are pretty crappy, but they're definitely gonna get better, the website's only been live for a week. They'll be getting a bunch of stuff from various film festivals and what have you, so check it.

Also my pal Chuck and I are gonna be doing a bum-load of films over the next while, so prepare to be entertained.

I'm kinda bummed though, because several of my friends who are up here have been incognito, busy with various daily tasks and what not. Also I'm thinking at some point in the near future I need to put a game plan together for making new friends and meeting new people. As of right now I'm basically doing the same things day to day, which is exactly what I want to stay away from. I don't want to get stuck in a pattern.

PS. Del Taco is so good.

PPS. I need to stop drinking Doctor Pepper!

PPPS. Let's go to Costco!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"You know we're better fighters."

Jeff Stone has delightfully fresh lyrics, melodies, and deodorant. Check him out at


Al deans, Jeff Stone, Kelsey Everson and myself, played a show this evening over at Velour in Provo. Thanks, props, and cookies, to those in attendance. We did it, singer in the round style, where we took turns, one song each at a time. It was special. I think there's something to be said for that style of a show, but to be honest I think it can put a lot of stress on an audience, and on the artists. I was getting pretty tired towards the end of the show. I do like though that there are any number of artists on the stage at any given time adding salt and pepper to each other's songs. It was an awesome line-up of really solid song-writers. Hopefully they didn't get too sick of my self proclaimed witty stage banter. I'm pretty stoked at the reception I've had thus far musically here in Provo. The last time I lived here I felt like I had a few fans and a lot of friends who would just come to here me play because they didn't want it to be awkward the next time they saw me. Actually I only had like two or three friends show up tonight, there were about thirty people in all, so I was kinda bummed about that. That's the price you pay sometimes for playing in the middle of the week. However I think I gained a few new fans, and hopefully a few new friends as well. I'm stoked because every time I've made what feels like the right choice in my life, at some point everything that I need to make it legit seems to fall into place. This seems to be the case now. People are diggin' my music, I've had some really heart-felt, and deeply appreciated comments from people since I got here, including one from the guy who owns the venue I used to work at, and he doesn't shell out compliments, so it feels pretty cool. Also I sat in on my new screen writing class last night, it was unbelievable, I seriously learned so much, just in one class, I can't even imagine how far this is going to take my writing. I also have people to film with, and we have the assets to make great short films that look as good as they feel. Oh and the icing on the cake, I found a job. I'm a substitute teacher at one of the local schools. I'm still trying to decide if I'm gonna go by Donnie, or Mr. Bonelli, or just, Mr. B. any suggestions? Anyway, I need to repose, I have to get up at the cock's crow, so goodnight, and be sure to drink your ovaltine.

Oh yeah and be sure to check out my film "Killing Seth" at it's under the comedy section. There are some other decent films up there, and I'll have some more awesome ones to put up soon.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Linnens & Tables & Chairs Oh My!

The past few days have been insane in the proverbial membrane.

I moved to Utah on New Years Eve with no solid living arrangement, and no job. I'm still fairly stressed about all of this.

Today school started and I'm still trying to figure out my financial aid situation, and subsequently, I'm not as of yet enrolled in any classes,. I did however get some information today, which leads me to believe that that'll be worked out smoothly before the deadline.

I also found out that my credit rating isn't in nearly as bad of shape as I thought it was. Which means soon I'll be able to get approved on a few things to start building it back up. Thanks Shasta for setting me straight on the matter.

I still don't have a job, but it's only been 2 days and I've got some good prospects, including a job with benefits, so my fingers are crossed.

I really wish that a certain relative would stop calling me to make me feel like a child who can't take care of myself, and making me feel like s-h-eye-t. I'm doing the best I can to get everything worked out and in order. I'm a grown up, I can take care of myself. If you really want to help me than be supportive, what you're doing is only making things harder. I don't want you to stop calling me. I just don't want to be treated with disrespect.

I'm currently crashing at my pal Justin's house in Orem. Scott the tenant is a bundle of joy, I don't mean a baby(though he does have a baby face) I'm just saying he's hilarious. I recommended that his blogger name be Hop-Scot ch, he giggled/eye rolled and replaced the toilet-seat-sized headphones on his head, as if to say "yeah great idea a-hole." It's been fun reminiscing with he and Justin about the punk & ska bands and shows of our adolescence. I think Scott is the only one of us who has stayed completely true to the punk rock faith.

Upon arriving here a few nights ago, I stopped off at my friend Al's apartment to say howdy, and to peep-out his new studio, it's ultra sweet. And he's done some unbelievable work in it already. We then waited for his lady friend Kelsey to get off of work at Little Caesar's, at which point we made for Justin's where there was a gathering of homo sapiens which I had been lead to believe was none other than, a party. turns out it was actually a gathering, or ritual of sorts where young married couples eat snack food, play games, and then kiss each other in a g-rated way at the stroke of midnight, not unlike The Newlywed Game, or the movie swingers. I haven't actually seen swingers, but once again I'm harshly reminded of my singularity.

Saw Juno again, I know I'm a freak. I went with Scott, Jeff, Shasta, Justin, and Chain. It was yet again unbelievable. I also ran into Matt Olsen. I don't know if you know Matt but he pretty much defines awesome. He introduced me to the films of Wes Anderson and Christopher Guest(The six-fingered man) and his sister Randi has a golden voice. I'm glad we bumped into him because he let us know about his sister's wedding reception this weekend. And just 'cause he's cool. By the way everybody we saw the movie with loved it. I'm so surprised.

Jeff and I went on a job hunt/hot chocolate run yesterday(in order to take the advise of a friend) I had a coconut hot chocolate from Borders books, it was delicious. We also had an awesomely effective brainstorm about our screenplay. Good things will come.

I miss my family.

Tonight I'm going to a house show, and am thoroughly excited to hear the musical stylings of Jeff Stone and Cory Mon. But more thorough is my hope that a random attractive hippie-ish coed, who likes soft-figured men, will be in attendance. That would be the way to kick off 2008.

I ran in to Emily(who will from henceforth be dubbed Smitty) at UVSC today. She's so fun, and so cute. We're going to see a movie and eat sushi next week some time. Provided my financial situation is on track at that point. If not I suppose we'll postpone it for a later date. It was a cool coincidence though.

Justin's wife Nichole (Chain) made some bomb chili tonight, on which we all grubbed. I love her for it. I was starting to thin out.

Alright then Beaches and hose, I'm off to see the wizard. Eat your vegetarians.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year, New Home, New Nervouse

It's effing cold here, and so far things are not as I expected. I'm irrepressibly anxious about the fact that I'm, for all intents and purposes, homeless! I need to get settled into a job on the double so I can get moved into a place of my own. The reality of this new situation is setting in, and though I believe it will work out, I'm still... scared. Prayers and action on my behalf would be eternally appreciated, and returned.