Friday, July 3, 2009

Jealous Anthropology in a Coffee Shop

Strands of Her hair fall
from beneath other strands
following the lines of Her face 
toward Him

Her jaw
Her nose
Her eyes

All pointed toward Him

The slightest revelation of  
The woman in Her
calls to the man in Me
demanding my undivided attention
and once she has it


One leg up, arms folded
toes pointed

Eyes focused

Her shoulders collapse inward
if they could only touch each other
maybe everything would be alright

She just wants this "thing" to work
She's just desperate to be held

She's thinking
'I wish we were the same thing'

He's thinking
'maybe if She was, what I am'

I'm thinking
'All I want out of existence is 
for one to look at me 
the way She's looking at Him' 

Like He's a key 
and He will unlock every closed door
and every hidden chest

but when those doors open
and those chests 
yield up their priceless treasures 

She will not enter in
and She will give them all away

because , He
is enough

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