Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bon Voyage Moi

Last night, a small group of my friends had a get together to say goodbye to me before I depart for the Valley of Salt. I met with Leslie, Twavis, and Ryan S. at Ryan's house to make our way to Murrieta. We stopped off at Ralphs grocery store to pick up some meat for grillin'.

Ryan looks somewhat like a bad guy from an aname
movie, in this picture. I was pretty stoked that a few
friends I haven't seen in a while, came out to show
some love. A few highlights from the evening included;

Twavis' glaucoma eye.

Ryan's futile attempts at putting me in an arm bar.

Nick's faces,

And wonderful Dr. Pepper.

Twavis and I discovered that we have very different grilling techniques. He would do quite well to move in Cajun circles.

Ryan S. and Leslie were unusually chipper. Which was fun.

Ryan and Cindel H. drove all the way out from Long Beach, and stayed late. Now that's friendship.

Allen and Joe had were engaged in a rousing game of Halo. For the record I SUCK at that game.

Kim, Deon, Gina, and Eli, were a pleasant surprise.

I ate more meat than anyone should ever do. Pork tenderloin, an ENORMOUS steak, and Italian sausages, made my taste buds do back-flips, not unlike young Asian boys in springtime.

Sal thought it was the most boring shin-dig he'd ever been to.

Recently, Ryan S. nearly spontaneously bought a fur hunter's hat, thinking it was an old school, Red Barren, flight cap. I told him I think he should hold off until he finds the real deal, unless of course he just

wants to add a piece to his stockpile of head-wear. Leslie then interjected that he has no stockpile of head-wear. I then rebutted that perhaps a giant fur hat with ear-flaps and woolen lining, would be an excellent item to begin a collection with. Ryan seemed game, Leslie... not so much.

My IBS flared up at Nick's house, and then again on the way back to Moval, I narrowly made it to the lav at Ryan S.' house. It was a narrow escape form absolute disaster. Thanks goodness for tight glute muscles and an ability to run and flex them at the same time.

Alight well I'll leave you with some more pictures. Enjoy

Happy Kwanzaa!

Any Signs That They Are Slowing

If the good Lord had intended us to walk, he wouldn't have invented roller skates.
-Willy Wonka

Irritable Howels

Whenever I hear the term "irritable bowel,"
I picture Krang from the ninja turtles.
I know he's technically a brain but to the left you'll notice, he's kickin' it old school in the bowel area. And in the picture on the right, check out how irritable he looks. Incidentally God saw fit to give me IBS, which almost ruined my night last night.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Note To Artsy Types, Gypsies, Hippies, and Pirates.

Sometime after I get settled I'm gonna buy a digital SLR so I can post up awesome pictures on this blog instead of crappy camera phone shots. I love the atristry that goes into good photos, and it drives me nuts to post up 2 MPXL pics on here. So expect better, in the semi-near future.

Exercising and or Flipping The Script

So, I've been staying in as much as possible for the last few days because, A.) I'm still a little bit sick and I don't want to relapse before I move in a few days, and B.) I'm trying not to spend any money so as to have a favorable amount to keep me secure whilst I look for gainful employment in my new local. Anyway because of this recent shutinnness I've had some time to go over the screenplay I've been writing with my buddy-ol-pal, Jeff Stone, over the past year and a half. I've found much of the dialog to be stilted and unrealistic, so I'm rewriting it all. I've got 60 pages written so far, so my goal is to have it all re-worked before I get there in a few days. And then Jeff and I will take it from there.

I'm really sad to be leaving my family. But very excited to go back to Utah. I know there are a lot of good things in store.

In case you didn't hear I'm leaving Sunday. It came up suddenly but it's time to get on with things. I should have something fun to write about tomorrow night as I'm having a going away shin-dig and my close friend Nick's house. Call me if you don't know Nick and would like to come. Otherwise just show up at 9-ish. Let's play.

Effin A

Perhaps I'm a sap, but It's a Wonderful Life, makes me shed tears like no other movie.

Strippers, Dirty Videos and a Giant Mouse

I haven't had any time for blogging for a few days. But I've been meaning to get this on the board.

Jevey's little brother scotty is getting married on Saturday. I went to the bachelor party on this past Saturday. It was the dirtiest, grimiest, most immoral bachelor party ever. At Chuck E. Cheese. I paid way to much money for a small piece of pizza and a batch of rubbery hot wings. It was fun though. AJ, Joe, Allen, Twavis, Ryan, Jevey, Chris, Scott, and myself, were knee deep in shenanigans. Here are a few pictures. To help you see the magic.

From left to right. Scott, Chris, Ryan, Jevey, Twavis,
AJ, and Myself.

Yeah this awesome Mario Kart game, takes a picture
of you and creates an odd morphus, love-child
version of you and the character you chose to play as.
This is Princess Joe and Chris-Koopa.

Playas and Pimps. Or something of that sort. AJ,
Twavis, and Jeff.

Ryan and Scotty actually beat this game, which is Jurassic Park.
This is them like 75 coins into it.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sony Blue-Gay, I Mean, Blue Ray

Do you see what I did with the title? I imposed a slip of the tongue which implies that I am displeased with the product known as Sony Blue Ray. Sorry gay community but the word gay just fits so well in my vocabulary, I got no qualms with you, I just enjoy using the expression, "You're gay," in instances such as this.

So, Jevey and I made a visit to our buddy-ol-pal Big Sal over at the Moreno Valley Best Buy recently. There's an attractive young bird who works in the AV department, whom Jev has admired for years, but whom he has never had enough of a pair to talk to. To this day, he doesn't know her name. (side note: this e-blast is sort of hypocritical, as I never introduce myself to girls I find attractive, but it's the thousands and I can put whomever I want on blast. Especially electronically.) Anyway, we journeyed to the AV section of the store but found no nameless girl. What we did find was shocking disappointment, otherwise known as, Blue Ray High Definition. Have you seen it? I say unto you that have, my deepest sympathies. And to those who have not, I say, all the better, please do not insult your, God-given eyes with this irrefutable travesty on the human spirit. Sony Blue Ray's claim to fame is its unmatched clarity. I do not deny this claim's truth. It is in fact the clarity that I hate. The picture is so clear that it looks corny and quite frankly, to turn a politically incorrect phrase, GAY! Jevey's Comment was that it "makes everything look like, Ghost Writer." for those of you who are unfamiliar with GW, it was a PBS show where a group of child detectives, solve mysteries with the help of an unseen entity who writes clues and other messages out for them to follow. Needless to say, Jevey's comment was not a compliment. I think Sony is out to destroy the art of film and turn us all into PBS-watching, consumer drones. Everyone in unison, tell Blue Ray to go straight to Hell!

PS. If you're still sitting there thinking, " I thought, Ghost Writer, was a good show." Get in your car, drive down to the local video rental shack, pick up, Shine, or Memento, or heaven forbid, Casablanca, take it home and watch it. Repeat this process unti your film-taste-buds have properly adapted to excelence!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Oddly Named Friends Eat Oddly Named Food

In my tiredness last night, I neglected to mention that I ate some bomb-a-word sushi last night. I went with my sister Lianna, along with her friends Luv, Schmootsie, and Colie. Lianna and I shared a shrimp crunch roll, a California roll, and a Phillie roll. It was bomb. by definition. Jevey joined us, but once again, refused to try sushi. He does however seem to be able to eat wasabi like Big Black eats hot-wings, (though he claims to be dissatisfied with the flavor.) It was like it didn't even phase him. I think he's fakin-the-funk though. Like unto those guys who can cheat on polygraph tests.

Misconceptions and Projections, and the Frequent Use of the Word Subsequent

I and my constituency Journeyed to the land of Corona this evening to catch another showing of my new fav flick, Juno. The movie was just as pleasing the second time. I love seeing a picture for the second time. It's true a first viewing carries with it a magic that you can't ever get out of the same movie twice, but on a second or other subsequent viewings, there's a chance to study the directing, and the screenplay and other elements that make the film what it is. I've trained myself not to do so on a first viewing, because I want there to be a part of me that still sees a movie just to be entertained by it. But second viewing is fair game. I'm certain my chum Ryan was annoyed by my under-the-breathe commentary. Sorry Ry.

On the way to Corona, I was among my pals, Twavis ( The story of this nickname shall be told in a future blog,) and Jeff. Twavis is training in mixed marshal arts, and Jeff sells magical juice from the amazon that can allegedly cure aids. Anywho, Jeff's favorite new phrase is, "let's take this to the mat," it's supposed to be a joke because he's quite aware that Twavis could kick the collective, A-double-snakes of our entire conglomeration of friends and acquaintances, maybe not all at the same time, but who knows maybe. Anyway the phrase was said, and Twavis responded with, "The next time we take it to the mat, I'm throwin' blows on you." I, being among the sarcastic and gutter-minded boys, of the y2k generation, made a comment of an inappropriate nature, that involved Twavis and Jeff, in a compromising situation. Twavis tried to get crazy and this happened...

Following the film, on the subsequent ride home, this turned into a long and unprogressing (not a real word) debate on the nature of Twavis' sexual orientation, salt & peppered with giggles and hoots from Jeff in the back seat. It was funny, but methinks I lost my voice from the combination of my recent sickness and the 20 minute wave of yelling above the scratchy radio and rebuttles of Twavis defending his manhood. I love my pals.

Fun facts from tonight.

Ryan H. and his wifey Cindel, were out in the 9 from Long beach and joined us for the film, I love hanging out with them, they're so Indie. We discussed baby names for their unconcieved (also not a real word) children. They wore pea-coats which were fabulous. I was envious because the warmest item of clothing I currently have in my posess is a hoodie, I'm going to freeze my anatomy off in Utah.

Ryan S. and Leslie made a mad dash from Moval and made it to the theater in an unrealistic amount of time. Which means Ryan got to enjoy exhibiting the intended use of his rice-rocket. Leslie's hair looked remarkably nice in spite of it. I enjoy Leslie's smile. Upon the ending of the movie the couple left in a mad dash quite similar to the one in which they arrived.

Twavis is not a homosexual, and neither in fact, is Jeff, allegedly. Not that we'd judge them if they were. But they're not. So enjoy ladies.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Dear Facebookers

Stop attacking my Pirate & Vampire, They're not bad-a$$ enough to fight yet. Give me some time to condition them. Sincerely,

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Go peep out:
There are a lot of injustices in our world. This organization gives ordinary people like you and me, a chance to do something about it.

Also check out toms shoes. Not only are these shoes effin' rad, but for every pair bought, the company donates a pair to a child in a third world country. The website gives more details on the organization and what they do. It's totally worth your time to check it out.


What the eff does "Blog," stand for, if anything?


Funnier than I expected, but also heart-wrenching and weird!

I think this is my favorite movie ever. I think this movie is the start of a new wave of films.

After much deliberation, I've come to the conclusion that this is Wes Anderson's best work to date. I love this movie!



OK so, I've been hesitant to do the whole blogging thing. I've been concerned that if I put a lot of myself into this blog, then I won't have anything left to put into my script writing, or my songs. After weighing my options, I've decided that if I'm a writer, then I should write, no matter where I am, or what I'm doing, I should take the time to document it. Therefore, my laptop is my new best chum.

That having been said, Big, was on TV this evening. I haven't seen it since I was a lad in incredible hulk trousers and ninja turtles shirts. Tom Hanks is my hero. I want to dance out Heart and Soul on a giant piano with the elderly.

I recently looked into financial aide for school, for the first time. I discovered that I missed the deadline to have my aide before the start of the semester. I've yet to find out if I'll have it in time to pay my tuition at all for the spring semester. My fingers are sewn in crossed formation.

I've been practically bed ridden for the past few days with some sort of virus. I left for about 2 hours yesterday to wish, a moving friend, well, on her way home to St. Louis. I'm glad I got to see her, but I think it was a poor choice, I feel like the plague.

I'm moving in a month. Back to Utah. That place has an odd hold over me. I have loads of unfinished business there, Including but not limited to; 1.) An unfinished screenplay I'm co-writing with my friend Jeff Stone, which will include a road trip to the mid-west, which is long overdue. 2.) My bachelor's degree in Film, for which I still need to earn about 100 units. ( You'd think I'd be done by now, I'm 25. But it took me a while to figure out what I want to do in life.) 3.) Filming with a crew. I miss that a ton. And 4.) Much playing of music, and hopefully the release of my first studio album.

I wish the Office hadn't been cut short by the writer's strike. Hopefully that'll all be sorted out soon. I miss them, they're like a second family of strangers.

I recently discovered The Manic Street Preachers. Give them a listen. They're delightful.

I'm tired of being solicited on myspace, I didn't meet you at a bar the other night, we didn't get sloshed together, you are just trying to promote your dirty website, and will be deleted shortly anyway. What's the point in us being electronic friends.

Ps. I'm not interested.

My friend who is a bull(cop) in South Gate(THE GHETTO) was telling me that they're in training for illegal download busts. He said that the raids will be similar in nature to drug busts, and that the penalties, are in fact much more severe than for drug offenses. I'm a little bit disturbed that people are being prosecuted more heavily and serving more severe sentences for the illegal downloading of music, than for the sale of drugs to minors. Really how about instead of worrying about a bunch of kids who download music because they can't afford the outrageous cost of CDs, we focus on ending genocide in Darfur, or put a stop to the abduction and brutal training of child soldiers in Uganda.? How about we bring home the troops from Iraq? If we're gonna have them fight what'a'ya say we have them fight for a cause that's worth while, such as the ones previously noted in the paragraph? Our government's priorities are all EFFED up.

Let's bring back the spirit of John Lennon, shall we?